The Serenity of Shopping:

The De Klomp Delftware and Wooden Shoe Factory

Wooden shoes in a pile - De Klomp Wooden Shoe Factory - Holland, Michigan

No vacation to Holland, Michigan would be complete without a visit to the De Klomp Delftware and Wooden Shoe Factory on Quincy Street, just off U.S. 31. Surrounded by the spectacular Veldheer Tulip Farm and Gardens, De Klomp not only sells wooden shoes and the famous Dutch pottery known as Delftware, it makes these products on site. In fact, take a few minutes to watch their craftsmen in the workshop, which is open for viewing within the store.
equipment for making wooden shoes - Holland, Michigan

The Dutch word for 'wooden shoes' is 'De Klomp', and the Holland factory makes certain there is a wooden shoe to fit everyone. Shoes range from an adult size 14 to a size tiny enough for a Barbie doll. Shoes can also be individually customized.
People trying on wooden shoes - Holland, Michigan

Make no mistake. The wooden shoes for sale at De Klomp are not hastily produced souvenirs -- they are the real thing. In fact, the hand carver of DeKlomp's wooden shoes was trained and certified in the Netherlands. Using Dutch equipment specifically designed for wooden shoe production, De Klomp shoes are created from blocks of poplar wood.
Wooden shoes stacked by size - Holland, Michigan

Don't simply buy the shoes as an interesting keepsake for display. Wooden shoes are ideal footware for working outdoors on damp or wet ground. Just don't forget to put on a couple of pairs of thick socks first to help cushion the foot from the wood.

After trying on your wooden shoes, look over the De Klomp's selection of authentic Delft pottery.The Netherlands started to produce blue and white Delft pottery during the sixteenth century. Because imported Chinese porcelain was too expensive, Dutch craftsmen decided to make their own version of Chinese porcelain for their country's middle-class households. The finest examples of this Dutch ceramic was produced in Delft.
Dutch Delftware figurines - Holland, MichiganDelftware ornaments - Holland Michigan
De Klomp is the only facility in North America that produces authentic Delft pottery, and the only place outside the Netherlands where this earthenware is painted by hand using the genuine Delft blue glaze.
Delftware factory - Holland, MichiganDelftware tiles depicting scenes - Holland, Michigan
De Klomp sells over 300 different hand painted pieces of Delftware, each item requiring nearly a week to produce. Before making a purchase, watch as the liquid clay is poured, then fired. And if you have any questions, feel free to ask the artists as they paint the pottery in the store studio.

But there's more to De Klomp than wooden shoes and Delftware. The store sells over 800 international items, including pastries.
Dutch wooden shoes and ginger and candy cake - Holland, Michigandeklompcookies


And hundreds of items have been hand painted by De Klomp's trained staff who are always available to answer any questions.
candles with blue deltware patterns - Holland, Michigan

Finally when you'e done shopping, go next door to the Veldheer Tulip and Perennial Farm. In season, the acres are a visual delight, and all the bulbs are for sale. There is even an adjacent buffalo farm where you can see the animals grazing.
Entrance to the Veldheer Tulip and Perennial Farm - Holland, Michigan

And if you decide to purchase flowers, take a peek at the freezers in the Veldheer store which are filled with bison meat. There aren't many places where a shopper can buy authentic wooden shoes, Delftware, Dutch cookie, tulip bulbs -- and buffalo burgers!
Bison meat - Veldheer Farm - Holland, Michigan

So if you're heading out to Holland, follow the big yellow signs and stop by the De Klomp Delftware and Wooden Shoe Factory.
Checkout line at the De Klomp Delftware and Wooden Shoe Factory - Holland, Michigan

De Klomp Delftware and Wooden Shoe Factory Open 8am - 6pm Monday -- Saturday
12755 Quincy Street (just off U.S. 31) Open 8am - 5pm Sunday
Holland, MI 49424-8285 Open 8am - 6pm TULIP TIME
(616) 399-1803    

April '11 - May '11