Perhaps the truth depends on a walk along the lake.

-- Wallace Stevens


Those of us who spend time along the shores of Lake Michigan know there is such a thing as a ‘lake effect’.


Whether heading south from Saugatuck-Douglas down the coast to Chicago, or turning north from Holland to Muskegon and points beyond, the lake is never far away.


Even on the most hectic day, it is possible to tap into the sense of well-being and tranquility that seems to surround the vast clear lake that the Ojibwa called mishigami, or ‘great water’.


Native legends claim that crystal formations at the bottom of the lake exert a beneficial influence on anyone near the shoreline.


Or maybe it’s the many artists who have been drawn to the lake that make everyone feel more creative and alive.

Flapping swans on the water

Whatever it is, spend some time along the rolling dunes of the Lake Michigan shore and discover the luminous ‘lake effect’. Visit Lake Effect Living throughout the year to learn about community events, great shopping, a little local history -- with some poetry and opinion thrown in. Just don't be surprised when the 'lake effect' works its magic on you.


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