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The charming village of Douglas boasts not only close proximity to Lake Michigan and the lovely Wade's Bayou, it has some of the most interesting stores along the lakeshore. As many summer visitors will attest, compared to larger lakeside towns, there may be not be as many shops and restaurants in downtown Douglas, but those that are there are some of the best to be found anywhere.

This month, Lake Effect Living showcases the popular fashion and accessory boutique Possessions, located at 25 Center Street in Douglas.

Shopping at Possessions - overview - Douglas, Michigan

Tucked between the mouth-watering Cookies on Call/Cafe Francesca and Parrot in the Square, for over five years Possessions has been satisfying customers with its eclectic array of paper products, handbags, soaps and accessories.

Shopping at Possessions - Books and paper products - Douglas, Michigan

Looking for interesting, hand-crafted jewelry? Possessions is always on the lookout for new and exciting pieces by both local and international craftspeople.

Shopping at Possessions - Jewelry - Douglas, Michigan

And any first-time visitor will be struck by the feminine and often French flavor of the appealing shop.

Shopping at Possessions - French Parisian Matchbooks - Douglas, Michigan

Shopping at Possessions - Soaps and Lotions - Douglas, Michigan

In fact, many of their soaps hail from ateliers in France. And your olfactory senses will delight in the fragrance of their diffusers, creams, olive oil-based bath goods and scented candles.

Shopping at Possessions - dried and silk flowers - Douglas, Michigan

If you've already purchased one of their Shirraleah handbags, also look over their displays of handwoven baskets from Morocco, dried flowers, specialty cookbooks or maybe just an inspirational greeting card or refrigerator magnet.

Shopping at Possessions - jewelry and clothing - Douglas, Michigan

Whether its their popular line of Archipelago botanicals, vintage Victorian button jewelry, evening wraps, designer readers or bamboo loungewear, Possessions is sure to entice you and make certain you return.

Shopping at Possessions - soaps creams lotions - Douglas, Michigan

Also check out the artwork of local painters that often grace the shop walls.

Shopping at Possessions - cookbooks - Douglas, Michigan

And remember to say hi to Mary and Marilyn when you come through the door. One of them is sure to greet you as soon as you enter the lovely shop known as Possessions.

Shopping at Possessions - handbags purses totes mats - Douglas, Michigan

Shopping at Possessions - books soaps flowers - Douglas, Michigan

For off-season hours, call 269-857-1925.

25 Center Street
Douglas, MI 49406
(269) 857-1925

Feb '11 - Mar '11